Sportarredo High Pressure 360

 - 27,000 watts of high pressure lamp power- 3 x’s the strength of a super VHR      bed
- Stimulates the melanin in the skin at a deeper level causing your tan to go          deeper and self moisturize- this process is know as hypo-melanination 
- 98% of the UVB rays “burning rays” are filtered out making burning nearly            impossible
- Your tan lasts 3-4 times longer- because more layers of skin are tanned 
   during  each use 
- Gentler and safer on your skin- reducing sun spots and skin blemishes 
- Tan less often with better results- guaranteed golden brown color 
- 360 degree coverage: evens out skin tone- perfect for lighter skinned                 individuals 
- Built in sound system and hi-speed fans to keep you cool

                                        KBL 6800

                -48 High performance 160 watt tanning bulbs
             -4 500 watt adjustable high pressure facial lamps
                                   -10 min tan time
         -Mega-voice sound feature with built in sound system
                                   -Air conditioning
                            -Pure air filtration system
                            -Contoured comfort glass
                      -Side tanners for a 360 degree tan
      -Directional body ventilation for a cooler, comfortable tan        

  KBL 3500

   “Top of its class, entry level bed”

       -32  high performance 100-watt bulbs   
  -3  400-watt adjustable high press. facials
 -12 min tan time

        -Integrated body ventilation system

“A new revolution of tanning- taken to a safer level!”
“Virtually the "Mercedes Benz" of tanning beds”
GOLD LEVEL- High Pressure
 Pure Energy Standup
 “This booth is the strongest it gets”

  -52 high performance 230 watt bulbs
  -10 min max tan time
  -Aqua cool system- keeping you cool while inside
  -Central exhaust ventilation system
  -Built in sound system
  -Interior consists of entirely acrylic's – no hot metal cages inside
  -Tan while standing on a mirrored floor- reflects light to tan                 “under areas”

I.So Italia Maxter V19-ER/A DEC

 -12,500 watts of High Pressure light in only a 10 minute session

 -Advanced technology,  maximum efficiency, comfort, safety and
  a design with open styling, allowing users to float in a bath of light                   
​  without suffering from high temperatures and the unpleasant sensation       
  produced by other types of tanning machines

 -Maxter V19-ER/A DEC uses Evolution Reflectors to ensure more intense and
  uniform emissions and lower power consumption. The new DEC (Dynamic
  Energy Control) technology allows lamps to be controlled and monitored
  electronically, varying the UV emissions of the solarium

​ -High Pressure Tanning Tanning has become the leader in any upscale
  tanning salon, by taking on the role as being the more sensible, smarter 
  and safer way to obtain a healthier, beautiful looking tan ier

Only $9.99 +tax for a single visit

1 Month Unlimited- as low as -$34.99 +tax, ask associate for details